Akc registered great danes

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Search in titles only. Forums Blogs Articles Groups. Today's Posts Member List. AKC Registration? Posts Latest Activity. of 1. Filtered by:. Next. I bought Paul a beer! I have an 11 week-old male "silver" puppy, and I'm confused on a few things: a What really is his color?

He's a very light grey with darker grey spatters and blue eyes. The breeder told me he is considered "silver," however, I'm not sure I have ever heard of a Dane being considered that color. D Lastly, am I incorrect on the registration fee?

I do not know much about this, and my research isn't helping me much. Is there more to it than just the registration fee? Any and all detail helps! Thank you so much!

Akc registered great danes

Tags: None. He's a merle. Any good breeder would automatically sell a merle with limited reg because it's not a showable color, so there's no need for full. Any breeder that is charging more for any puppy to have full reg is automatically a crappy breeder.

Akc registered great danes

Good breeders charge more for show prospects, so you're paying for the quality of the dog, not just buying the piece of paper. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by KatieRae View Post. He is a merle. I cannot tell from this single picture if he is also a dilute blue or just regular black merle. If he has black anywhere on his body whatsoever then he is a regular merle. What AKC charges to register a pup is completely independent of what a breeder charges you for Limited vs Full registration.

Only the breeder can give the option of Full. You cannot upgrade yourself without the breeder ing off on it. The registration fee is whatever the AKC forms states it to be and there are usually a few options if you'd also like to get a certified pedigree etc. Technically, the breeder registers the Litter and then sends you home with the form for your specific puppy so you can name it, fill in your info, and mail it to AKC with a fee the Litter registration also cost the breeder a fee. He is a merle and this is what the breeder should fill in for color on the registration form.

There is no such thing as "silver" A breeder should not charge more for full registration vs limited registration. These puppies may or may not be sold a bit higher then pet only puppies. Other charge a slightly higher amount. A responsible breeder never gives an option to the buyer if they want full or limited on a merle and not on the accepted colors either unless the new owner is planning on showing. AKC registration fee has nothing to do with how much a breeder sells their puppies for. Responsible breeders fill out the registration paperwork, responsible breeders do not breed or advertise "rare" colors, responsible breeders do not offer full or limited registration to the new buyers.

There are an awful lot of red flags with the breeder you bought your puppy from. Slightly off topic but is registration not required for AKC events? Like agility?

Akc registered great danes

Just because a pup is not show quality does not limit them from other activities Surely not or how would rescues participate in anything? Tucker's Mom. He's definitely a Merle. Bad backyard breeders like to not only breed colors together that shouldn't be, but they also like to make up names of the odd colors that result.

They call these "rare" colors so they can jack the price to uneducated buyers. This breeder scammed you. It's happened to several of us before we found DOL. As for your second question Please don't use the term adopt because you didn't. That term when used incorrectly is like nail on a chalkboard and a huge insult to the people who work in rescue. I personally believe that the widespread incorrect use of the word adoption is contributing the difficulty that rescues and shelters have in placing dogs.

Why adopt from them when you can "adopt" from a person with a litter of pups. This breeder ripped you off. It's called selling papers and while it's discouraged by AKC, it happens all the time. But now that you know better, you have the option to educate other new pet parents before they make the same mistake. You also want to just keep the limited registration. He can't be shown in conformation and should never be bred! He's not the right color and won't improve the health of future danes. Good news though Still shouldn't be bred, but it says a lot about his intelligence and your dedication as an owner.

That will score some brownie points with reputable breeders in the future and help you find them. At this point, you need to love your pup and devote your time and money to giving him the best life possible. This includes researching this breeder to the fullest extent possible! If you are still on speaking terms believe me, this will changeask about cancers, hip issues, arthritis onset, heart murmers, behavior issues, dry skin, acne, everything!!

Learn as much as possible so you can be proactive in his care. I tell you this from experience. His mom died pyometra at 3. She was bred at every heat, and his breeder didn't even know she had pyo because she was kept out in a shed. She had another bitch die of cancer at 4. His dad's side has serious hip and arthritis issues. And Tucker gets horrible acne and prone to dry skin. I put him on a good food with added fish oil, xrayed his hips at 2 so I could see what I'm up against luckily his hips are goodwe wash bowls and faces everyday to keep acne in check, and bathe sometimes with just conditioner to also help with dry skin.

I watch his weight like a hawk as added weight is not good. And what you do simply proves what you believe. Originally posted by aei View Post. Agree with the advice you have gotten already. You have been ripped off by this person and received poor information, which would not have happened had you bought from a good breeder with knowledge of the breed who is competing with their dogs and doing health testing not just breeding for money.

Hopefully it's a lesson for the future, supporting these people with your money just allows them to go on and do it to the next person again and keep breeding poor quality dogs. I wouldn't worry about full reg because you don't need it and it shouldn't be an option for you if it were a good breeder who only wants to further the breed, not fill up already full rescues. Love this boy as your pet and don't worry about the full reg as you only need it for breeding which you should not be considering given where this boy came from and the genetic implications of breeding merle.

A dog doesn't have to have AKC papers to compete in performance events however it does have to have a issued by AKC that allows it to participate. I agree with the advice given. Now that you have Apollo stick around and learn more this is a great source even though he is from a backyard breeder you can now take opportunity to learn more about this amazing breed.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Mommy to Zeus. He's either merle or a blue merle. If his nose leather is blue and he doesn't have any black on him, then he's a blue merle. If his nose is black and he has any black on him, he's a merle. There is no such thing as "silver" in the Dane world.

You only need limited registration because he is not breeding quality. Sorry you got taken in by a horrible breeder. Most of us here have had it happen to us our first time getting a Dane. I'll always love you. Help Go to top.

Akc registered great danes

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