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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Orville Mader, wanted on a warrant in Thailand, slipped back to Canada, while Neil sat in a Thai jail. They both lived in suburban Vancouver at one time in their lives, but experts say their justice experience will be worlds apart. Neither faces charges in Canada currently, but Mader's movements are being controlled under a section of Canadian law where authorities allege he may be a danger to children.

Canada's failure to prosecute child-sex tourists makes the country look like an "international pariah," according to one legal expert who helped found The Future Group, a Canadian non-government organization formed to fight human trafficking and the child-sex trade. School of Law. There has only been one conviction under the decade-old Canadian law and a second B.

C man is before the courts on the same charges.

Asian girls Donald, British Columbia sex

Donald Bakker, a former Vancouver hotel worker, pleaded guilty in to several counts of sex crimes against children in Cambodia and was given a year prison sentence. In Vancouver last March, international art dealer Kenneth Klassen, 56, was charged with three dozen sex-tourism allegations involving girls in Colombia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Almost three dozen countries around the world have laws allowing them to prosecute their own citizens for acts committed in other countries, and Perrin said those laws are regularly enforced. Australia has had 28 prosecutions with 18 convictions under its child-sex tourism laws and has helped in 54 prosecutions of its citizens in other countries around the world. That country has set up a transnational sexual crime squad that focuses on nothing but child-sex tourism, sex trafficking and child pornography committed by Australian citizens at home and abroad. Child Wise estimates only about five per cent of child-sex offenders in that country have been caught.

The U. Department of State believes about one million children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade every year. Canada isn't alone in it's inability to collaborate with police forces in these countries, according to Giorgio Berardi of ECPAT International, a group that fights child prostitution and trafficking around the world. Perrin said many child-sex tourists are "taking a vacation from the laws of their own country," and likely wouldn't commit the same crime at home.

But there's also a new trend of expatriate Westerners living and working in developing countries as aid workers or English teachers and preying on children. McMenamin said these people prey on the most vulnerable, especially when there's a natural disaster such as floods or earthquakes. Australia has laws that monitor the travel of convicted sex offenders, and Australia and the United Kingdom have both adopted measures allowing government officials to request a passport be cancelled if they suspect the person may endanger abroad.

The Canadian group Beyond Borders, founded to fight child-sex tourism, has issued a report that recommends authorities in other countries be warned when potential sex offenders plan to visit.

Asian girls Donald, British Columbia sex

It also wants Canadian courts to impose foreign travel restrictions on anyone who may abuse overseas or who is on the national sex offender registry. They reason that if it wasn't alright to have sex with these children, then there wouldn't be brothels set up catering to them, she said.

The man who calls himself Canada's "most notorious child pornographer" on his website also boasts of his experiences with young boys in "Manilamanic, A Philippine Journal. The preface to the second edition of Robin Sharpe's journal says it was written about his experiences and observations in the Philippines up to the early s. Sharpe said he updated the information after he was acquitted in court for his writings, "which more completely documents my experiences.

In the journal, Sharpe wrote of a year-old boy suspected of being a prostitute, of his failed sex act with a year-old boy and of another young man being "past his peak at 22 and I'm told not much fun in bed. Sharpe responded in an e-mail to The Canadian Press about the federal government's sex-tourism law. Rosalind Prober, president of Beyond Borders, keeps an eye on Sharpe and has sent his his picture to authorities in at least one country. She said she believes authorities and residents from other countries should be able to access a registry of Canadian sex offenders. Prober said political will seems to be lacking to instigate charges and get the word out that other sex-tourists can be charged.

Asian girls Donald, British Columbia sex

Before Bakker's court plea, his lawyer at the time said he was considering a constitutional challenge of the law. After working to free him on bail in November, Mader's lawyer, Brian Coleman, also suggested to the media that the law may be constitutionality unsound. Mader, who was convicted in absentia in Cambodia on sex charges, is free in British Columbia under a of strict conditions such as staying away from children under 14 and staying away from the Internet.

He is not charged with any offence. Perrin, however, said if Neil is convicted he won't likely get a long jail term because it's expensive for Thailand to keep westerners in jail since they are treated better than Thais. McMenamin said Neil would likely share a cell with 40 other people, be fed poorly and risks serious illness. Copyright owned or d by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. Both Mader and Neil taught overseas. There are no such rules in Canada. Some even boast about their exploits on the Internet.

But few Canadians know they can call police with the suspected sex-tourism crime. But Perrin isn't worried. Neil, meanwhile, remains in jail in Thailand.

Asian girls Donald, British Columbia sex

Berardi, whose aid group is based in Thailand, said Mader was wise to return to Canada. He said Neil could get a year prison sentence. He noted Mader has the advantages of Canadian legal protections.

Asian girls Donald, British Columbia sex

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Asian girls Donald, British Columbia sex Asian girls Donald, British Columbia sex

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