Black lava beach

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These are our 3 favorite beaches on the Big Island. Read on to find out why we like those beaches so much and to learn why the sand on those beaches is white, black and green. We also have some pretty solid advice on beach activities on this website. See for example our information about snorkeling rentals and snorkeling safety in our snorkeling guide or read about our 3 favorite snorkeling beaches. If you are in Hawaii between December and early April you should make sure to read our whale watching guide. Swimming or snorkeling is also possible, but there may be other places more suitable see below.

You can often also see the endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles basking in the sun on the beach. The best place to enter the water is the small boat ramp on the left facing the water of the beach. Stay out of the water if the surf is high.

The best place to snorkel nearby is Ninole Cove. To get there from Volcano Village, take Hwy 11 towards Kona, and turn Makai towards to ocean between mile marker 56 and 57 on Alanui Road. If you pass Whittington Beach Park, you have driven too far. The sand on all black sand beaches on Hawaii is made out of tiny fragments of lava. In contrast to the green and white sand, most of the black sand is created explosively. When hot lava enters the water it cools down so suddenly that it solidifies, and shatters into large amounts of black sand.

Over time these lava fragments are ground down into smaller and smoother grains, which is why walking on very young black sand beaches sometimes can be a bit painful. Black sand is also very good at retaining heat as you will notice when you are walking on the sand during a warm sunny day.

This is the reason why the sea turtles choose black sand beaches to build their nests. The best beaches to spot turtles are beaches with black sand. Black sand at Kaimu beach in Puna. This new black sand beach is forming after the old one was covered by lava in Green sand beach is one of two green sand beaches in the united states, and not easy to reach.

It takes half a day if you really enjoy this beach take snacks and plenty of waterbut the payoffs are great! Its remoteness guarantees that you will have most of the beach for yourself, and the bay is calm and good for snorkeling.

The hike to and from green sand beach is 5-mile round trip see directions belowso be prepared and take plenty of water. This is one beach that you will not easily forget in the coming decades! Green Sand Beach. One of the two green sand beaches in the United States. Close to the south point of the island. Here you find a parking lot where you can leave your car. Although it is possible to take a 4WD car all the way to green sand beach using the car damages the road and environment and is heavily frowned upon by the locals.

Walk to the ocean and take the road to the left facing the water, East direction. Climb down along the lava cliff on the west side of the bay, and wear plenty of sunscreen! Walking directions from the parking at the end of South Point Road to Papakolea beach.

Black lava beach

Image credit: google maps. Green sand beach gets its name from the green glassy olivine crystals that make up most of the sand on this beach.

Black lava beach

The olivines are washed out of a Therefore it tends to accumulate on the beach whereas the usual volcanic sand is swept out to sea. Green sand from Papakolea Beach on Hawaii. This beach only gets 10 inches of rain annually, and the beach is lined by trees and a shaded picnic pavilion to offer shelter.

There is also a professional lifeguard on duty year-round, making this a great family beach. Hapuna Beach is the longest white sand beach on the Big Island. Photograph by Phil Price on Flickr. You can snorkel around the small cliff to the north of the beach but do not go alone, you will not be in sight of the lifeguards thereor around the rocky point on the South of the beach. The downside of these stellar statistics is that the beach can become very crowded. Make sure to go early if you want to find a good parking spot and a shady place on the beach. Do not leave valuables in your car!

Parking is free for locals. Parrot fish are especially known for munching the coral whole and spitting it out as sand. One downside of this if that this kind of sand is not suited for building sand castles. The sand tends to have rounded edges and does not stack well. Close up of white sand at 69 beach on the Big Island. You can still see the little pieces of shell and coral that are turning into white sand.

Pick up a couple of grains of sand and have a closer look if you are interested in the exact composition of the sand. Chances are you can still recognize many shells and pieces of multicolored coral. For an extra spectacular effect, try the macro function on your digital camera. The times are changing, and so are we!

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Why are our black sand beaches so hot? Easy: lava and turtles! Driving directions and hiking tips for one of two! Olivine crystals from a

Black lava beach Black lava beach

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