Courtship before and after

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Please watch out for furher announcements and keep sending those views! Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte: Love and courtship then was cumbersome and tedious. However, the degree of satisfaction in those relationships remains the same.

Courtship before and after

Concepcion Gaspar, Laoag City : Love and courtship during our time was still old-fashioned or traditional compared to the present. Sex videos and pornographic magazines were taboo before, unlike now when sex education has become part of the curriculum. The Western culture has a very strong influence on our youth today. No wonder there are lots of teenage pregnancies due to premarital sex or prostitution.

Courtship before and after

Because of the complexities of life, we have so many needs and wants, pushing both parents to work hard and neglect their roles as parents. Gone are the days when young Romeos would serenade their lady loves. Now, one can have a girlfriend through the Internet or via text.

Courtship before and after

Lovers were content with those meaningful songs. Patrick Miranda, Marikina City : I know people who no longer believe in courtship which, I think, is wrong. I still believe in the old-fashioned ways, like when my dad courted my mom.

Courtship before and after

Courtship now happens in an instant because of texting. The man trying to woo the lady love would serenade her from beneath her window. Then, he would ask permission to court the girl.

Courtship before and after

He would then visit the girl regularly and do menial tasks so as to prove the sincerity of his love and good intentions for the lady love. Sa panahon ko, uso pa rin noon sa probinsiya ang mga dalawlove letters, pasundo-sundo sa school, kain sa canteen, hatid sa bahay. But this present generation is a shocker to me. Kahit new acquaintance, basta magtama ang mga mata at magkasundo ang ugali, boyfriend na. And mind you, sex outside marriage is prevalent these days. Ben Paguirigan Jr. Before, wooing a lady love meant serenading with the use of guitars, doing menial jobs for the family, etc.

Now, they use high-tech equipment. Sadly, the compelling reason for marriage is premarital pregnancy. Johann Lucas, Quezon City : Love and courtship before was done through pamamanhikan and harana, but now love and courtship is done through text and chat. At present, with the Internet and mobile phone technology, I could say love and courtship move in nanoseconds! Jose Fabello Jr. Rey Onate, Palayan City : The difference is the cellphone. Ricardo Tolentino, Laoag City : Love and courtship then was through guitars and love letters.

Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City : The style then of wooing a loved one was very traditional. Today, with new technology, courtship is done in an instant. Flowers and chocolates still work. Manny Cordeta, Marikina City : First, congratulations for this very interesting query just in time for the love month of February! Flowers, chocolates and other goodies are expressions of love that are still common in both scenarios. Mabisa pa naman. Henrietta Caoile, Baguio City : Love and courtship then were more intimate, sweeter and more lovable.

Boys respected girls; they never took their love for each other for granted. Dino Monzon, Caloocan City : Love and courtship styles then were better, with both genders more respectful of one another. Men earned their right to court their paramours. They were very courteous towards women, and women then were mahinhin. Just by virtue of that, they were given respect by men. Di nga makalapit basta-basta noon eh, naga-alangan sila. Men would usually visit the girl of his dreams in her house to show the sincerity of his intentions.

Ligawan noon, madugo, pahabaan ng taon to make kilatis. When I was a young lady myselfmen in our province were gentlemen. They would come to the house and bring gifts, like fruits or food na ani nila. Now, in this age of texting, the new generation do their courtship through text. Medel Verzosa, Ilocos Sur: Love and courtship then was more exciting, dramatic, intense and laborious. Today, everything happens so fast without an analysis of the consequences.

Decades ago, such endangered practices became extinct. Now, we ape what Caucasians are doing, to the extent of being ridiculously funny! Lydia Reyes, Bataan : Quite different. Uso ngayon ang isang linggong pag-ibig. Gone are the days of true love and long courtship. Linsangan, Isabela: Years back, courtship took place in the house of the woman. It would take a man weeks, months, or even years, before the woman he loved would give her matamis na oo.

Today, one week or two is considered too long. Courtship takes place everywhere: In schools, in buses, in parties, etc. It happens, especially between young people, that nagkatinginan lang at konting bolahan, bagsak na ang Bataan. Dennis Acop, Baguio City : Over time, societal traditions surrounding love and courtship have evolved to become more relaxed and informal.

We used to hear stories about how grandpa literally went through the proverbial eye of the needle just to win grandma. When it was time for dad to court mom, things became a bit more relaxed, but the formality was still there to a large extent.

Young men and women ordinarily go out on a date without the necessity of seeking permission from their elders. At times, it is even the ladies who go after the men. Often, boyfriends and girlfriends behave as if they are already married.

In short, the courtship phase appears to have been drastically shortened to the point of inificance. Jayvee Pangilinan, Metro Manila : Courtship before was very traditional. Nowadays, traditional courtship no longer exists for younger people, except for those aged 30 and above, who were exposed to traditional courtship practices courtesy of their parents.

For teenagers, young professionals, and those who have no choice but to marry because of old age, going into a deeper relationship is a piece of cake. I guess this is because of the cultural change due to globalization. Felmar Rowell Singco, Allen, Northern Samar : Love and courtship in the Philippines, then and now: Then, it was romantic, expectant, respectful, geared towards marriage, traditional, modest, and innocent; now, it is lustful, immediate, disrespectful, not geared for marriage but for sex, unusual and uncommon, immodest, and some times malicious.

This is only a generalization and does not apply to all cases. Manalastas, Manila: Noon daw, no kiss, no touch, nag-iigib, nagsisibak ng panggatong ang manliligaw. Ngayon kasama na ng pahawak kamay, halik at kung, makakalusot, sex. Manuel Abejero, Pangasinan: Courting is now more an expression of lust and mundane desire.

WowoweeEat Bulagaand Banana Split show scantily clad women dancing before young audiences in our very own living rooms. We used to watch these kind of shows at the opera house! Only those who were 18 years and above were allowed inside. Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur: I believe traditions on love and courtship still exist today.

Courtship before and after

The difference, though, is that premarital sex and pregnancy before marriage seem to be prevalent. Women before had strong control of their emotions and feelings. Even if she was deeply in love with a man, she hid her feelings and just waited and prayed he would court her sooner or later. They wore decent dresses that would not sexually attract men.

Courtship before and after

Now, morality has disappeared. They now apply all kinds of beauty products to look sexy and attractive and display themselves in malls and plazas. Women are more aggressive nowadays. Noonthe boy made ligaw sa house; ngayon, he does the courting in malls, restaurants, parks, or even through the cellphone.

Noonit was true love if you eventually ended up in the altar; ngayon, he impregnates you then leaves you. See the difference? I would prepare those love letters for almost a month. When the letter was already sent, I could not look straight at her. I was always nervous every time we met and could not speak clearly.

That could be the reason why I failed to have a girlfriend in my budding years. When my naughty son first had a girlfriend, I asked him how he did it. I counseled him to respect the girls. I find some women today aggressive.

Courtship before and after

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Past or Present: The courtship of Filipino’s now and then