Dating sites accents

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. ILoveYourAccent has a consumer rating of 3. Consumers satisfied with ILoveYourAccent most frequently mention good luck and early days. Short and sweet is my review, came to this site after a friend told me about it, It took 4 months to really find someone I connected with and that was back inWe are now married and I have moved from Bristol in England to Georgia and I am very happy. First baby on the way, Thank you I love Your Accent team.

I am writing a honest review for both I love your accent and datebritishguys websites. Fake s on both websites. They send fake s to hotlist me on datebritishguys website and when I finally upgraded my membership so I can send and read messages to my matches. No one reply back to me. This is disgusting! Stay far away from datebritishguys and I love your accent websites because they operated in a same shady way. I am surprised there are no bad reviews on the internet about datebritishguys.

I found an exact profile member on both iloveyouraccent and datebritishguys and this member happened to hotlist me on datebritishguy first. But also send messages to me first on iloveyouraccent, I was hesitant to upgrade my membership.

Dating sites accents

But since I happen to like this member's profile good enough and he found me on both websites I decided to upgrade my membership. But after I upgraded my membership on iloveyouraccent and replied his messages there, he didn't reply or even open my message on iloveyouraccent at all! And of course to verify how awful is datebritishguys website also, I went ahead and upgraded my membership on datebritishguys website and sent a message to this exact member, twice in different days because he is on both websites.

Dating sites accents

And of course no response or reply. I even sent messages to other members on datebritishguys who sent me messages and hotlist me before. NO reply at all! But I am glad I can test these two websites out and take my time to write my honest review so no other people can get scammed by these two awful greedy shameful websites.

Even the datebritishguys website has only a few bad reviews on the internet, and seems more organized and legitimate. It's an equally BAD website with fakes s to grab your money only! Don't let these websites fool you! I believed at one point these so called fake s might be real but they quickly deleted their s on both websites after they learned there are only a few real members on these websites but these dishonest websites keep their profile pictures and use different s by their staffs to lurk people to pay membership to message these members or use these recreated fake s to send out messages to potential new users on both of these websites to scam people's money!

Stay far far away and don't ever register on any of these two websites. We love to here news like this Happy new ear to you both. Please check your inbox for a private message. The World of dating goes transatlantic. Whether you managed to meet someone or not is not the point though. There are no guarantees when it comes to love and that includes the anglo-American scene. I'm purely rating the ethics of the website here.

Am certainly well travelled and have a gut instinct for most things. So I'd say that whilst the majority of conversations initiated were genuine, a few others were clearly fakes trying to lure you into subscriptions. A simple test is to offer a direct form of contact, ie Skpe, or whatsapp. Some will contact you, others will simply disappear. Its well known that the vast majority of genuine will happily trade s or asap. Another well known anglo-American dating site does not suffer from the same problem as this one. However, that aside So it gets a reasonable score.

I found exactly who I was looking for. My perfect guitar with an accent and she loves Man U lol Now I just need her to get the Yorkshures to rise and I will be on cloud 9 Cheers to iloveyouraccent as its worked great for me and thee lol. Thanks for letting us know our site worked for you both. Please check you inbox. Met a wonderful man on here, it is early days but without this site we would never have connected.

Hi and thank you for taking time to write your review, we are always so pleased to hear when 2 people find each other, please keep us updated. I have sent you a PM as well. Congratulations :. I've ed up with this website a few times. I've even engaged attractive girls in conversations. I was pretty busy with work when I ed, and I blame myself entirely for not making more of an effort. So, I probably would have kept trying this site off and on until I actually found someone on it. However, whenever I canceled mya disturbing pattern would emerge.

I could pay for three months of membership and expect maybe one girl to message me first. I normally had to message them. That's how it is on dating sites. But while my was canceled, suddenly I was getting all of these messages from attractive girls. The first couple of times this happened, I fell for it, and ed up again. These girls never responded to my reply.

I am convinced that the site attempts to lure you back with fake messages. I think that's wrong. So, I have cut ties with the site, asked for my profile to be deleted and will never up again. I will also take every opportunity to post a review like this so other people know.

I have a major problem when a company tries to create revenue by lying to or misleading customers, and I refuse to stand by and do nothing about it. Hi we have no idea who you are, would like to rectify any issues, can you message us directly please?

I read all of the reviews and thought I'd do a bit of investigating for a blog I'm writing plus I'm single and love American accents, win win! I think the site has lo of potential but unfortunately there aren't many members. What people have to remember is that's is a very niche thing to be looking for so you won't have hundreds of potential matches like on Okcupid etc. Maybe if it wasn't a chargeable service to message and flirt and they relied on advertising like other sites for revenue they'd be more popular, or giving a few months free or heavily discounted to bolster the s a bit in its early stages.

It is a great idea and hopefully it will pick up a bit. We are growing daily and we do our very best to keep dishonest people away, even asking members to alert us to someone they feel is not genuine. We delete anyone found to be causing a problem to our members. Please give us another try sometime.

I met my husband on this site. It is wonderful to have him in my life. There is no one I would rather isolate with than my man from Wales. I like the people I met but the of the site is a little clunky. Still, although skeptical at first, it's a darn good dating site if you like the accent thing!

All I can say is that it has worked for us I was on there 4 months and he was on there only 1 month. We Talked for about 8 weeks on there and whats app and when we knew we had that connection we decided to meet. It was not easy doing the LDR but we persevered and now we are together. I cant say enough good things about iloveyouraccent. We are so happy for you both and wish you the very best. Thank you for letting us know your wonderful news. Please check your PM. I married my sweetheart, a man I would never had met if this site did not exist. I was thetravelgrrl on this site.

And he was tall and tallandbritish. Love this site. Thank you thank you thank you! We remember you from the story in your local news. Congratulations to you both and thanks for taking time to write your review. We wish you the very best. Unlike almost everyone else, I had used other dating sites. No one likes to admit that it seems. To anyone who loves Brits like I do and wondered if it was possible to truly find love online It happened for me. My name and are available if anyone wants to ask me anything. Good luck to all and happy holidays. Didn't find anyone. But their website is horrible and unintuitive.

There's no way to cancel. Now I have to go through my bank and Paypal to get my money back from this shady company. EDIT: When cancelling, make sure to call Paypal because they just keep charging you autodraft through Paypal guest checkout. They just tell you to delete your bank info, but that doesn't stop the charges. Paypal has to stop it, so call them. Worst run website I've ever seen. Such a shame you chose to make outrageous claims. You did not cancel and continued to use our service and was therefore charged accordingly. It is fraud when you use a service and then lie to get your money back.

I have forwarded your recent usage so you can see just who is telling untruths here. As we never see any members financial info, how can we charge you if you cancel? We cannot, simple as that, your review is false? Could you show us or anyone where we told you to remove your bank ? It did not happen and this review is beyond false. I have been on here for about 2 months abf have talked with some awesome people from the UK and Spain.

I am not a fan of guys who want to Skype immediately, but have done after a while when I feel comfortable. I have used other well known sites but they are expensive and full of scam artists trying to get you to send money.

Dating sites accents Dating sites accents

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