Donghae dating sandara park

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As you guys may have known already, the K-POP industry seems to work very differently compared to the western music industry. Due to agency rules, sasaeng fans, and the unforgiving public, many K-POP celebrities keep it a secret when they date. A celebrity in the U. S can date whoever he or she chooses and no one really makes a big deal about it, meanwhile K-POP stars or Hallyu idols, have a hard time freely expressing their romantic relationships like any other person. However, none of these rumors were confirmed to be true, either by Dong-hae himself, or SM Entertainment the agency he works under.

Their relationship rumors began after an old photograph surfaced in an online community and became a hot topic in early January. As you can see in the photo that surfaced below-leftthe two seemed affectionately photographed and acted like lovers, with Jessica and Dong-hae fondly leaning their he against each other. Netizens showed negative reactions to the photo. Weeks later, after the fueling dating rumors, Dong-hae shared a friendly photo above-right with Jessica when they were together on the Seoul Music Awards.

The selca photo has reignited dating rumors between the two, that resurfaced earlier this week after their old photo was posted online.

Donghae dating sandara park

In the photo, Dong-hae showed a soft smile and was wearing a black suit, meawhile, Jessica took a V-pose with a bright smile, while they showed off their close their sunbae-hoobae relationship, despite the raging comments by netizens. Thank you so much for congratulating our Daesang yesterday. Congratulations on your first drama recording today.

Dong-hae and Sandara Park former of 2NE1 have been known to be close friends for over 10 years, when Donghae said that they have been friends since their high school days. Although they seemed like a couple, and attracted a lot of attention as the visual representatives of each group, both denied dating, and called each other long-time best friends. Despite often being romantically linked and misunderstood with his longtime friend, Dong-hae always confidently shared photos of them together with the public through his personal social media. And because their chemistry is so attractive, people even consider them as a screen-couple, since they complement each other on-screen and off.

Again, they commemorated that eventful day with another photo picture above that showed off their closeness. Dong-hae and Yoona was also a very popular rumor, and possibly true at some point or another, seeing how they never interact with each other now, as compared to before. If you search their names online, there were a lot of photos that they had taken together because of their similar work schedules.

Some of Dong-hae-Yoona shippers also believe that they used to date after seeing their moments together on-screen. However, despite the circulating rumors about them, there was no clear confirmation whether they were dating or not.

Donghae dating sandara park

The eagle-eyed fans first speculated about their relationship based on their many similar outfits. They were seen to wear the same hats, bracelets, hoodies, rings, scarfs, headbands, and they also took pictures of those paired items and posted them online. Not stopping there, there were also photos of them getting caught hugging each other backstage.

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Donghae dating sandara park

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Donghae dating sandara park

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