How to attract aquarius man

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The typical Aquarius man is what you would call one of a kind, so you will need a special set of qualities. Thanks to their unique personality and cute quirks, it is no surprise that you are interested in a relationship with an Aquarius male. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to snag yourself an Aquarius man because this star does not fall in love that easily. Nevertheless, once he is hooked that could be one of the best relationships you have ever been in.

Sit tight and after this, go and get your man! To get an Aquarius man, the first step is to befriend him. He does not move swiftly from considering you a prisoner to the girl of his dreams overnight. Ensure that he feels comfortable around you, show him you have a lovely personality and then he will have no issue becoming his best girl. If you want to make an Aquarius man pay attention to you, then you need to portray some level of intellectual prowess.

Seeing as most Aquarius men are intellectual themselves, the best way to impress them is to show them you are smart too. If you can hold a stimulating conversation then you are most likely to make an Aquarius man pay close attention to you. You do not have to know everything to get an Aquarius man, merely showing curiosity for new things will get you where you need to be. In a nutshell, offer him more than sex and meaningless banter. It sounds like some sort of conundrum, but that is the way it has to be if you want to get an Aquarius guy to pay attention to you.

Do not constantly encroach on his space and hang on to his every word like it is gold. To make an Aquarius man fall for you ensure that you remain his friend without taking away his freedom. That simply means that you cannot constantly show up at his place unannounced, or quiz him when he goes out with other friends.

Understand that he will have other relationships outside yours, but you are most likely his only romantic partner. If you keep trying to be overbearing in the relationship, an Aquarius guy will eventually get fed up and your best days together will be behind you. Aquarius men are not much for chasing women, but if you manage to catch their attention then you need to play it cool. Sure, you may not necessarily be the jealous type, but once you get involved with Aquarius men, their personality draws you to them. One of the best ways to get this guy's attention is to ensure you don't come on too strong.

Till you get to the point where he clearly wants to shower you with attention, do not act needy, jealous, or clingy. For the most part, Aquarius men are more comfortable with relationships where the other person is independent. So, if you chase them because you don't want anyone else to have them, it will eventually come back to bite you in the behind. Think of this as an extension of the last point, it is in your best interests to exude a sense of independence if you want to get an Aquarius guy's attention.

As mentioned earlier, he is not drawn to clinginess and for the most part, he can often come off as detached and aloof. That does not mean he does not care, but Aquarius as a zodiac in general is characterized by people who like their own space. Besides that, Aquarius men take their time to fall in love, they are picky and have high standards when picking a partner.

Altogether, he wants a woman who can be her own person and chase her own goals while still loving him. So, if you tend to get lost in your lover's life, then you may not be able to land an Aquarius man.

How to attract aquarius man

The typical Aquarius man tends to get bored quite easilyso if you cannot come up with surprises, now and then, you may not get that guy's attention. That's why you'll notice that Aquarius men are quite enthralled with their lovers at the start of relationships. However, once they have seen and done it all, they look for a new challenge or thrill. So, it does not just end when you attract an Aquarius man, you need to be creative enough to hold the guy's attention. It sounds like a hassle, but once you love someone all of this comes easy.

Besides popping a surprise into the mix now and then, do not reveal all your cards at the beginning of the relationship, keep him guessing and surprise him pleasantly with a new layer of yourself. All relationships need the understanding to keep moving forwardbut let me tell you this, Aquarius men are sort of an enigma, and they are equally unpredictable.

So, there are times where he may act in a way that is uncharacteristic of him. For instance, he may be hot for you one second, then cold and aloof the next. It is best for you to approach him from a place of understanding. It does not mean he does not care about you, he probably had issues he's mulling over.

Note that Aquarius men are not an emotional bunch, they are not expressive either. So, he is prone to keeping his issues to himself, till he can fix them. The best way to support him is to let him know you understand and accept him. Remember, Aquarius men get bored quite easily, so, to attract people under this starit is a good idea to show him your spontaneous side. For the most part, he wants a woman he can do fun things with and go on mini adventures together.

It is even better when you do not wait for him to drag you along, suggest new and exciting things you could do as a couple. Whether you are at the friendship stage of your relationship or you're still at the point of trying to attract an Aquarius, you have to let your spontaneous flag fly. You don't have to skydive before he knows you're making an effort, simply look for things out of your comfort zone that will keep his adventurous side satisfied.

Aquarius men tend to be dreamers and just as dreamers do, they have some out-of-the-go, ideas. To make an Aquarius man pay attention to you, it is best that you do not put down his ideas. Best believe that he will dismiss you as a close-minded person before you can make any headway with him.

Agreeably, some of the things he comes up with may read as humorous or out of this world.

How to attract aquarius man

Nevertheless, he must have felt that he could trust you before letting you in on his thoughts. The way you respond when he finally opens up will determine whether you will have a romantic relationship or not. This goes without saying in all relationships, but let me tell you why it is a bit different with Aquarius men, especially one whose attention you want. As mentioned earlier, they are not the most forthcoming people out there. Furthermore, they value their freedom and as such, will let you have your own life quite comfortably. First, do not share anything they told you in secret with anyone.

It takes a lot for them to open up to another person, so if they find out that you betrayed them, it cuts deeper. Besides that, do not take the liberty they accommodate for granted because if they find out, there is hardly a second chance. As much as Aquarius men like their freedom, people can't help but be drawn to them. It is obviously the same way you were drawn to him in the first place, so don't get any ideas about keeping him all to yourself when you have his attention.

A typical Aquarius is friendly and easy to hang around with, so it would be futile to try to change him or stop other people from enjoying his company. Be secure in the fact that once you have his attention it is all yours. It may not always seem that way, considering the fact that he's often out with friends or in his own head, but it is the truth. If you want to be the bane of an Aquarius man's existence, simply show him that you are judgemental. Typically, Aquarius men and judgemental people are like night and day.

They are all about being open-minded and accepting people for who they are. So, if you seem to have an opinion about everyone and everything, that is already grounds for him to be repelled by you. If you can't help your judgemental stance, then maybe you should look for someone who doesn't mind, we are who we are. Because Aquarius men simply won't give you the time of day if they sense you are judgemental.

Also, note that being opinionated is different from being judgemental, you should definitely stand for something and have independent thoughts. It is natural to want to defend yourself by all means possible, or flare up when your feelings have been hurt.

How to attract aquarius man

The thing is, that is not how an Aquarius man processes conflict. If you want to hold his attention, then you have to learn to choose communication over arguments. When you have disagreements, best believe that he is ready to sit down and have a mature conversation till you find a solution or reach an agreement. If you go in there, guns blazing and hair flying in the wind, you will end up alienating him.

Even more, you won't get to the bottom of anything. Even while you are in the friendship stage, make sure you put your best foot forward. Aquarius men are awesome to be around and there is no doubt you will enjoy them once they start paying attention to you. The thing is, you should not take this for granted and slack on your part.

How to attract aquarius man

Try as much as possible to match his energy. Remember that Aquarius men have high standards, also, they tend to lose interest quite easily. So, you simply cannot expect him to rain down attention on you when you are lackadaisical on your part. Some other Zodiacs may tolerate this, but an Aquarius will be out of there before you can blink. It is all fun and games till you finally get his attention and do not know what to do with it. Before an Aquarius man decides to let you in, it means that he has done his homework, you are not a random catch.

He purposefully falls in love and practically vets his intention to ensure that she is the type of woman he wants in his life. With that in mind, you need to be sure about him as well. Once he realizes that you do not really know what you want from him, he will take back that attention faster than he offered it. Life is all about growth and improvement, no one is more aware of that than an Aquarius. They are considered to be one of the most open-minded zodiacs and as such, they do not shy away from self-development. This is another area where Aquarius men want their women to mirror them, so if you truly want to attract the guy, let him see that you are constantly looking for ways to be a better version of yourself.

Also, do not pretend because that is worse than not being open to self-improvement. Once an Aquarius senses that you are faking for their benefit, they will pay little to no attention to you. Naturally, the Aquarius male is a kind and lovable person. No doubt, these are some of the reasons you are so drawn to him in the first place. With this in mind, you are not going to get anywhere with him if your attitude is the opposite. This is another night and day situation as far as dating an Aquarius man goes.

Sure, you will get his attention if you have an unsavory attitude, but it will not be the kind that you want. So, genuinely try to be a nice person whether he is there or not, it will not hurt either way. A typical Aquarius man is attracted to people that are unconventional and quirky. So, you can appeal to his eccentric side by simply letting your freak flag fly. When he cannot particularly pinpoint what makes you tick, he will want to spend more time with you. Again, do not pretend, just dig deep, everyone is weird in their own way and you Aquarius man will find that side of you quite amazing.

Do not be scared of letting your guard down when you are with him, because that is what will ultimately bring you two together. As awesome as an Aquarius is, he is not one to express his emotions or get mushy. Of course, he will look for ways to show you that he cares, nevertheless, he is not prone to emotional outbursts. So, things like PDA and crying with you while you watch Titanic are off the table, do not get offended by that. If you want to engage with him, do it at his level. Try to be logical and calm about it even when you feel like screaming. This way, he can actually hear or feel what it is that you are trying to pass across.

If you use the emotional route, then it is most likely that he simply will not understand you. You can use every antic in the book, but till he is ready to give you that much attention, there is nothing you can do to force it.

Bringing up the word commitment in conversations will only make him feel like you are trying to cage him.

How to attract aquarius man

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