How to know that your best friend loves you

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Either way, this guide will help you. It reveals 28 s that your best friend is in love with you. This online communications tracker can reveal a lot of information about the people closest to you. The thoughts and emotions you are feeling can be quite overwhelming. If you think you are in love with your best friend, this could be an opportunity to turn your friendship into a romantic relationshipbut how do you begin to turn things around and address this with him?

It can be confusing, I know. If you read about the s your best friend is in love with you, you may discover that he is, in fact, madly in love with you. Have you noticed him acting differently around you? Are you hoping he is in love with you, or do you not feel the same about him? These are tough questions to answer. I do understand that, but if you want to get to the bottom of the issue, you must face them.

Has your best friend started touching you more lately? These are definite s that he is ready to move the relationship to the next level. His body language and the way he treats you can give all of this away. You want them to just pay attention to you, but instead, they are blabbing on and on about the opposite sex.

If your friend acts annoyed that you talk about other guys, it may be a that he is sick of the topic and wants you all to himself! Of course, every group of best friends posts pictures of themselves on social media. However, have you noticed that he always wants to take selfies with you? He wants to show the world that you are with each other all the time! If you think that he could be more than a friendyou should make a move and give him a kiss! Have you noticed your friend pays close attention to every word you have to say? Does he hang on your words, remembering something you said a long time ago?

When you have it bad for someone, you want to know who they are datingwho they like, and who they are head over heels for, right? He probably wants to know if you are more than friends with any other guy right now or if he has a good chance of winning you over for good.

If you feel the same, let him know!

How to know that your best friend loves you

I later found out that was their way of hitting on me; they were trying to get a feel for my interest in them. They wanted something more than friendship with me. I should have guessed as much, but I misread the s. You may catch him staring at you when you least expect it.

How to know that your best friend loves you

Have you ever spent time with your best friend and noticed him looking in your general direction or something? Maybe you were watching a movie together, and you caught him staring at your hair, or maybe you went to a school event, and he looked more at you than at the cheerleaders! However, if you just want to be friends, give him some space when he texts.

Does your best friend ask you a million questions? He is trying to get to know you better. In fact, usually, it works the opposite way. The more he learns about you, the more fascinated he is with you and the person you are growing to be. Did he go on lots of dates before you were best friends? Watch this one! Does he always have cologne on or that sweater you bought him for his birthday? He may be preening for you.

How to know that your best friend loves you

Preening, according to the Urban Dictionaryis the act of trying to make yourself look better for the opposite sex. A best friend does what he can to spend time with his other half, but a best friend in love will enjoy alone time with you, exchanging sweet eye contact with each other as he hopes that romance is brewing in the air.

You may notice him doing things like this as your relationship progresses. See what happens when you take some time away from him. He might go bananas from withdrawal. He needs to see you - his favorite best friend on a regular basis. He may be a busy person, but does he always make time for you? Of course, people with best friends do make time for each other, but you may find that he drops everything for you and you alone. This is a special kind of treatment, and you can bet your best friend likes you more than just a friend.

He wants there to be kissing in the tree! Your best friend loves the way you dress; your friend loves the way you talk; he shows you the s that he truly has a thing for you. However, if he always fills you up with beautiful words, there may be something there. He wants your friends to put in a good word for him. Think about it. So, once he gets to know all of your girlfriends, be prepared for that question. Think about how you feel ahead of time so that you can answer her! Sometimes, we joke around about things that are on our minds. It may make you wonder what the answer to that question would be from you!

Have you noticed him giving you a lot of eye contact? If your best friend loves you, he may not be able to help some of the s he gives off from body language. See if he has s of nervousness or awkwardness, like blushing, sweating, or even licking the lips. As weird as they sound, those are symptoms of being nervous! As his nervous nature grows around you, you may notice him getting uncomfortable when something that has to do with sex comes on the television you are watching together.

I love this trait in guys; they always want to be the big helper - whether they like you or not. So, how can you tell what their true feelings are for you? Well, watch for the other s he shows that indicate he wants to be more than friends with you. Does he talk obnoxiously about other girls or dates he has to go on? He may really have strong feelings for you but want you to like him as much as he likes you. So you normally hang out after class and do your homework together, right? If he starts asking you to go jogging Sunday mornings, that might be a little weird.

Well, it may indicate he has feelings for you that go beyond friendship. See if he asks you to hang out more times than is usual for a friend. He wants to see how you respond to a fake marriage proposal before asking you out for real.

When a guy tries to physically get closer to the girl he likes, it often means he has a crush on her. You may have noticed him moving your purse or even the remote control to try to prevent any obstacles from being in between you two. If you have noticed him inching closer, it could mean he has feelings of love for you. Have you ever noticed when you like someone, you tend to remember all the details in their stories or discussions?

Does your best friend remember little details like that? Does he remind you of things you said a long time ago, things no one would normally remember? Okay, so he may not twirl his hair when he talks, but there are other s of flirtation that guys can show. He may lightly touch you on the arm or shoulder when you talk. He may tell jokes or say funny things that he knows will make you smile or laugh - just because he wants to see your reaction! Watch closely to see what he does!

Before you take action on the information you have discovered about him, you need to assess your own feelings. Are you certain that he is in love with you? Do you think your friend is ready to admit to his feelings for you? How do you feel about him? If you think you love him as well, there is a chance for a match made in heaven.

You just need to find the right moment to talk. If you feel the same about your best friend, you should approach him and discuss the matter. Find a time when you are both free and can openly talk about the way you feel. Something like this needs to be given the right time to talk it out. Your friend deserves your undivided attention.

You want him to be comfortable when you talk so that he can open up the way he needs to. When you spend time together, you should let him know how you feel about him. Love is like a rollercoaster ; it makes us feel up one day and down the next. Do you feel overwhelmed when you see him? Another common sensation with love is the feeling of floating. Have you felt that way around him? It can be fun to feel excitement and passion! There are also times when it can all be overwhelming. This is because love is often an all-or-nothing feeling. You are either in the game, or you are sitting on the sidelines, watching everyone else feel so romantic.

Decide your feelings before approaching your best friend. If this person is your best friend, check your feelings before moving on! Take some time for yourself and some time away from your friend. You need some space to think things over. If you feel like your friendship is strong enough to stand this, you should talk it over with your best friend.

How to know that your best friend loves you

Explain that you really just want to be friends and nothing more. Tell him that things will not change over time. Make sure you are gentle when you tell him these things. Often, friends can communicate about something like this easily, especially if they read each other well. Your friend loves you; you probably love him, too; you just love him in a different way.

How to know that your best friend loves you

If you have a friend who is in love with you, and you feel the same way, it may be time to take action.

How to know that your best friend loves you

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