How to stop a cocaine addiction

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Addressing your drug use can help you to be happier, safer and healthier. Here are some steps you can take. It can be hard to take that first step and take a look at your drug use, but it can have a big impact on how healthy and happy you are.

How to stop a cocaine addiction

Dependence on a drug can be physical, psychological or both. Other people might have seen a change in your behaviour, or you might have started taking risks that put your health or safety in danger.

How to stop a cocaine addiction

If you have a dependency, please speak to a professional before stopping using suddenly, so you can carefully manage any withdrawal symptoms. Find your local service Drug treatment options. Take a look at the links below for more support. Whatever the reason, change is possible with the right support. You could: Speak to your doctor about your worries.

If you can, talk to family and friends about your drug use. Asking for help can make a big difference, especially in the first few weeks. Find your nearest drug service. You can search for your nearest service and look at treatment options further down the.

a peer support group like Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous. Make a note of when you use, what you take, and how much. See if you can spot any patterns in your diary. You might always use around particular people, or after heavy drinking, for example. If you can figure out the people, places and things that trigger your drug use, you can begin to make a plan. You might want to cut some triggers out entirely, or avoid any combinations that give you cravings.

Take your time if you need to. Gradual reduction is often the best way to quit. Be kind to yourself and celebrate each step towards your goal, no matter how small. It's a process and every challenge is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. If you start having cravings, distract yourself for a few minutes. Mindfulness or meditation apps and videos like this one are good distractions. They could help you to feel calmer and more relaxed when you find yourself craving drugs. Information, advice and tools to help people understand alcohol and make better choices.

Support groups for families and friends of people with an alcohol addiction. Regular support groups all over the country for people with an addiction to alcohol. Free, online treatment and recovery program for anyone addicted to alcohol or drugs. Speak to any member of staff or volunteer at your local service to get access. Download the app from. Self-help recovery programmes that include help with alcohol and drug addiction. Keep track of your drinking and get instant feedback and advice.

Connect and chat anonymously with other people in recovery from around the world. Activities and games to help reduce stress and improve your mental health. The apps above are produced and owned by third parties.

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How to stop a cocaine addiction

Please get professional healthcare advice before taking any action.

How to stop a cocaine addiction

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