How to talk your boyfriend

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We can all develop skills to help us understand our loved ones properly and make sure they understand what we really mean. Still, communication is bound to go wrong sometimes, but we can get better at it with practice.

How to talk your boyfriend

Communication is a two-way street: listening is just as important as talking. And when you listen, you should really listen so you can really understand what the other person is saying. Look them in the eyes. And my sister says so too! Emotions are healthy and normal.

How to talk your boyfriend

It can even be a good idea to put an order to your thoughts by writing them down before you bring them up with your partner. One way is to build on a positive. But could we try … next time? We all upset our partner without realising sometimes. Especially if there are other people around. This will make your partner embarrassed and angry. Don't get into a debate about whether the action or statement was intended or not, as this will lead to an argument.

Instead explain calmly how that action made you feel sad, angry, hurt, etc. Try to build a solution together. Physical violence is never acceptable, and if this does happen, talking may not be enough to solve your issues. It can be difficult to admit you were wrong. We can all lose our patience or make mistakes without realising it. Think about how your actions may have affected your partner, listen to what they have to say and pay attention to their feelings. Then discuss how you can both make things better in future. No matter who you are, it can be hard talking about your feelings.

However, learning to open up with your partner can be both rewarding and therapeutic. Here are a few practical tips for discovering and sharing your emotions:. Talking about your feelings with a partner Identifying your feelings can be challenging. But sharing these feelings can also feel uncomfortable — which is perfectly normal. But the more you practice sharing your feelings, the easier and more natural it will become. Start by sharing your feelings on a neutral topic, or mention how you feel about a friend or family member. Everyone likes to hear positive things and compliments, so make sure you can express your appreciation for the little things on a day-to-day level.

To make it easier, try to divide the explanation into three parts:. It means now we are serious. Instead, go for a walk or return to a favourite hang-out — without people or distractions. Sharing your feelings is just half the story.

How to talk your boyfriend

As part of a couple, you also have to listen to your partner about their feelings. We often question whether our partner loves us or not. So why not make the first move?

How to talk your boyfriend

Words can mean as much as actions, such as making love or giving gifts. Then give your partner space to speak. When your partner chooses to share their in-depth emotions with you, listen and repeat back your partner's feelings in your own words — letting them know you understood what you just heard.

If your partner states something has made them sad or angry, ask if they want advice on how to solve the problem. That may jeopardise the entire effort. Oftentimes, people get very uncomfortable with so many words and feeling emerging that they want to just end it all and hurry the process up. This can be quite insulting to your partner who too is mustering up a lot of effort to share their feelings with you. Make sure that when you decide to listen, you've given them your full attention for as long as they want to share.

Learn from your mistakes. These should be seen as opportunities to learn more about yourself and your partner. And as you learn more about each other's feelings, you will develop a deeper, more intimate relationship. Besides providing healing and comfort, it can also have an amazing effect on your sexual intimacy.

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Expressing emotion. This is particularly challenging when we are experiencing new feelings and emotions. However, it is important to take a bit of time to with yourself to understand why you are getting so excited, happy, or upset. The better you understand the situation and your feelings, the better you are able to communicate it to someone else. How to tell your partner when you are happy. To make it easier, try to divide the explanation into three parts: State your emotion. What was the action that made you have the emotion? Why did this action make you happy?

Telling your partner you are in love with them. How to respond to each other's expression of feelings. Expect to make mistakes. Hi guy I have dated for one Hi guy I have dated for one yr I guess is cheating on last I spotted him with a girl who I know upon asking he kept quiet and refused when I told him I had to end the relationship he cried said he has never seen any lady since he met. Hi Shanty, Hi Shanty, Sorry that you are going through that. We fail in relationship by… We fail in relationship by tolerating simple mistakes that we can do away with let your guy know that you don't like being lied and be outspoken on this further more you don't need to continue a relationship you're not secure with.

Thank you Ekai, indeed… Thank you Ekai, indeed communication is key in relationships.

How to talk your boyfriend

Thanks ur advice has gone… Thanks ur advice has gone along way. Hi there, I am glad that… Hi there, I am glad that our advice has helped you. Keep it here for more informative content! I need more information on… I need more information on how to keep relationship stronger.

Ur expressing really touch… Ur expressing really touch my heart I really have learnt something here. Thank you for your feedback. According Tu me I see that… According Tu me I see that your fionze is cheating on u but before u brake up with him tok to him about the matter first before you take any action. Never warry! We appreciate your… We appreciate your contribution Ambrose. Pls give me instruction on… Pls give me instruction on how to follow the group link.

Okay sometimes you have to… Okay sometimes you have to take a step forward and ask your self and reason why is he doing this to you then ukiona ni nini ucome up na solutions. Hi Moses, thank you so much… Hi Moses, thank you so much for your input. Thank you for your… Thank you for your contribution Anonymous. Maybe he was saying the… Maybe he was saying the truth bcus he loves u.

Hello Precious, thank you… Hello Precious, thank you for your input.

How to talk your boyfriend

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How to talk your boyfriend

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