Mama dont get dressed up for nothing

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I love y'all and i love that song it's one of my favorite songs y'all are amazing singer's. I was at this concert right on the stage! With my old crew. They are going to be in town for the Mississippi valley Fair grandstand act on Wednesday in August.

Mama dont get dressed up for nothing

A lot of people don't realize dale earnhardt and kix brooks is the same person. I LOVE this song! But then again I don't think B and D ever made a song I didn't love. They are so fabulous. I can still remember the first time I heard a song by them. This must have come from a true experience. Anyone know who the wannabee cowboys is who is trying to rope in the video. What a joke of a rider he is I bet his nickname was bubba or booger!! Not counting his solo songs, this makes 5 songs I heard from these guys with Kix at lead vocals. I know there's one more they have with that trait.

He'd sing half of the songs on the album, and Ronnie would sing the other half. Ronnie just had more hits. No, ronnies were the ones released as singles. Ronnie needed kix more then kix needed ronnie. You're right, Dern.

Plus it's hard to sound too good with Ronnie around. I truly think he has one of the top 5 voices in country music. And probably one of the top 20 in ANY genre of music. RedDead02 Brittany What are you 15 year's old? Country is nowhere near as contemporary or traditional as it has always been. Country stop being country around The reason Garth Brooks plan and simple. Well who you think the mysterious person is in the song?

Yep that would be Garth Brooks, which I can't stand. Everyone is trying to imitation someone else work than willing to be original. I like this video cause the lead cowboy is Stephen Britnell a real prca cowboy and a funny dude. More cowbell!

Mama dont get dressed up for nothing

Kix should've been featured as lead singer on more of their singles, right, gang? They hit 13 in Billboard, God bless ya, Kix and Ronnie! Hugs to you guys! MsSwwood I love this song, too. Its on the B-side of their album and yes, I am dating myself.

But they rock! Kix should've been lead singer on more of their singles. Great voice,right, gang? More cowbell, Ronnie! God bless! She said hey cowboy get off of that couch Yeah, the party's on and we're goin' out I got my low cut dress and my knee highboots I'm like money to burn and nothing to lose You're the man of the house you better think of something. Kathryn Smith. Anthony Christensen. Jaded Star. Ted Szweb. Evan Chloe. Carol Castillo. Chase Rains. Anna Smith. Brittney Sharber. Anthony Christiensen.

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Mama dont get dressed up for nothing

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Mama dont get dressed up for nothing

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