My ex is dating someone else but i want him back

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I used to know. I knew these girls better than I knew myself. I actually got to know some of them so well, I exhausted myself trying to get to know them any better. At all. How might they know of me? If they came across a photo of their boyfriend and me together and asked him who that girl was… then they would know. I was the ex and they were the girls that I could never be.

He had chosen her and she was now with him — the him that I deserved, the him that I did everything for, and the him that suddenly wanted a committed relationship and everything that I was only good enough to experience the promise of but never the actuality. And now, she was. I knew that there was nothing he could ever say that would justify what he did and give me the closure I deserved.

I knew he was emotionally unavailable. I wanted him to suffer the way I had and regret what he lost. My biggest problem was that the extent to which I actually knew these girls was just as limited and superficial as I knew myself. And because my sense of reality had become so distorted, I would convince myself that he had changed for the better. The moment you choose yourself is the moment others will want you to choose them. Will you ever get past the feeling of always being passed on? First — you need to realize that you are not the insanity that you are feeling. You are the awareness of it.

You are not your involuntary feelings of doubt, heartbreak, obsession, and insecurity. Who you are is the awareness.

My ex is dating someone else but i want him back

The fact that you are obsessing to the extent that you are, means that something is very wrong. By continuing to obsess and look at his social mediayou are, essentially, sticking your own head in the toilet and then complaining about the smell. Stay strong and avoid sticking your head in the relational toilet. Every time you put your head back in the toilet, you are doing so while robbing yourself of the dignity that is your birthright. It has to do with his impulsive, egoic needs.

Not so much.

My ex is dating someone else but i want him back

You already are her. The only difference is that you actually dodged the bullet. Never be jealous of someone for not yet knowing everything you already DO. Be the unicorn amongst all of the common horses on the range.

My ex is dating someone else but i want him back

Rid yourself of this crap once and for all. They hate the reflection way too much. This is why after a breakupyour ex will sometimes act in extreme ways as far as life decisions and dating go. With a new girl, who he has not shown his true colors to yet, things will be all good at first. But when she starts to see through his bs or when she starts to expect more from him, he will show his true self the same way he did with you.

He will revert back to his old ways because this is who he is. He will never commit emotionally, empathetically, or physically the way that you need and deserve. Oftentimes, it becomes more about winning and playing detective than it is about subscribing to reality and acting on it. And THAT will eat away at you, make you bitter, and rob you of any confidence, happiness, and gratitude you have left.

There are girls out there that actually know a red flag when they see one and act on it. They have their own lives to live. They can identify an emotionally unavailable guy relatively quickly. And instead of trying to seek validation from them, they are able to walk away because they are simply not interested in the drama, the mixed als, and anyone who treats them any less than they treat themselves which is pretty damn good.

They have emotional and physical lives of their OWN. Focus on YOU. Get behind yourself, and know your value. Who cares what he does? Go out there and do this for YOU. This post was a total game changer for me. Thank God for you. I love the part where you say that we are the awareness, not the insanity. I am going to print this post out. You have a gift my dear. This article is now being printed out and hung up on my wall to read and re-read. Reading this came at the right moment. I thought it was because of me but I just realized why.

I would not recommend staying friends with him. If you have to be around him, just give the bare minimum and stay on the white horse. You deserve so much better. I know how much it hurts. Thanks Natasha! Thanks for the reminder and support I needed in this post. You indeed have a gift. You are the best! Natasha, how do you do it? I am thinking that there should be a special place in heaven set aside for you. Your insights are like some kind of guru for gals……. Thanks for reminding everyone they are not alone in their wildly insecure moments.

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this. When an ex gets married or chooses another girl over you, is it normal to have stomach cringing reaction? It is like mixture of anger and annoyance…. Thank you so very much for putting such a fun spin on this really rough time.

My ex is dating someone else but i want him back

My X is the classic emotionally unavailable man. For two years I tried, doubled and tripled my efforts to be loved. He absorbed everything I had to offer. He told me that the entire 2 years we were together he was always looking for something else but since he met her he has deleted his profile on dating sites and has stopped looking and wants a relationship with her. I believed for a time that he had destroyed me…but I am picking myself up.

These articles have put some sunshine on the shadow that used to be an abundantly loving heart. I believe in you and if I can do it, so. Natasha — for the first time in weeks I actually laughed out loud with the way you make a very emotional time almost bearable. I read your blogs every single day to give me strength. I have to replace the guy part with girl but it is all the same since my ex is just like a guy and extremely narcissistic.

I am going to take note of some comments here and take a break from social media. I am cyber stalking my ex and being a spectator to her new life. I also find myself posting more selfies of myself on my then ever before just to show her that I am not sitting at home pining for her even though I have been. But that is not me, I mean who gives a crap that I am eating a sandwich or watching reruns of Golden Girls or drinking a beer at a pub.

I need to get my head out of the toilet as you say because it is not good for me. My ex sold me a turd with a bow on it when we first started and I fell for it and then she just kept on being more of an ass and I kept taking it because I thought I was proving to her that I would never give up on her and always be there for her because she had such a rough life.

I am now trying to accept that she is emotionally unavailable and just chases the high of a new relationship. It feeds her ego and she got from me what she needed. Hard pill to swallow…. Thanks for listening!! This is a great article. Exactly what i needed right now. And you are so on point. My ex is dating someone new now after 3 months of dumping me, siad he wasnt ready for a commitment.

My ex is dating someone else but i want him back

He is pretty into her, i can tell. So basically he just wants her to be by his side without ever committing to her. I felt bad for the new girl, maybe even a little jealous, seeing how he is so into her right now. But as you said Natasha, people never change.

He is acting like a prince now, lavishing her and shit, but his true colors will show in time to come.

My ex is dating someone else but i want him back My ex is dating someone else but i want him back

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