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The University of Pittsburgh values the safety and health of all members of the Pitt community and seeks to foster an environment in which its students and employees treat other persons with respect, civility, and dignity. Any behavior that involves sexual assault or harassment, relationship dating and domestic violence, or stalking of another person is prohibited.

The University will use the processes outlined in the Title IX Policy and Sexual Misconduct Policy to investigate and resolve reports of sexual assault, harassment, relationship dating and domestic violence, and stalking. In cases involving sexual assault, the University understands that the victim may request confidentiality. Accused students or employees should know that the initiation of any University proceeding does not preclude the possibility of criminal charges.

In fact, parallel University and criminal proceedings are not uncommon. In addition to using these processes, the University will continue to engage in prevention programs and training for students, faculty and staff in an effort to prevent sexual assault and harassment, relationship dating and domestic violence, and stalking. This office was founded in the spring of and works to engage faculty, staff and students in education regarding consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention strategies and support resources. The University Counseling Center, part of Student Health Service, houses the Office of Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education SHAREwhich provides counseling to victims of sexual assault, assists victims in obtaining medical care, and offers support in all aspects of the recovery process.

Richeyville PA sex dating

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Student Health Service work in partnership to respond to incidents of sexual violence and to actively engage the campus in prevention activities. More detailed information about these programs, processes, and procedures can be found in the Student Code of Conduct. Consent is an informed, affirmative decision made freely and actively by all parties to engage in mutually acceptable sexual activity.

Consent is given by clear words or actions and may not be inferred from silence, passivity, or lack of resistance alone. Consent to one type of sexual activity does not imply consent to other types of sexual activity. Someone who is unconscious, asleep, or otherwise mentally or physically incapacitated, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or some other condition, cannot give consent. Consent cannot be obtained by force, intimidation, threat, coercion, isolation, or confinement. Agreement obtained under such conditions does not constitute consent.

for definitions of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. The term includes, but is not limited to, compulsion resulting in another person's death, whether the death occurred before, during or after sexual intercourse. Further, resistance is not required. The alleged victim need not resist the actor in prosecutions under this chapter: Provided, however, that nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit a defendant from introducing evidence that the alleged victim consented to the conduct in question.

Learn more about Laws in Pennsylvania. Trained peer educators, present workshops to fellow students on topics including consent, healthy relationships, supporting survivors of sexual misconduct, bystander intervention and campus resources.

The workshops are deed to provide students with the skills necessary to safely intervene in situations that could lead to violence, harassment or a bias incident. PantherWELL Peer Health Educatorswhich is part of the Office of Health Education and Promotion, conduct health and wellness programs on campus, including programs that explore bystander intervention training, as well as various aspects of wellness and safety.

Richeyville PA sex dating

Incoming students are required to attend mandatory programs during orientation week, where students are provided with information regarding University policies, expectations and virtual resources. Provided through both online and in-person modules, employees receive training on prevention and reporting sexual misconduct at orientation and on an annual schedule. Members of Pitt Police are trained in responding to and investigating sex offenses, domestic violence, and stalking incidents.

Richeyville PA sex dating

The Pitt Police provide special programs on sexual assault and other safety issues to student groups upon request. First-year students are required to attend active bystander training, which plays an important role in helping to prevent sexual assault, harassment and bias incidents. Some examples include:.

Q What should I do if I am sexually assaulted? Physical Safety: Your immediate safety is a top priority. As quickly as possible, find a safe place away from the perpetrator or any other potential danger. Q Does contacting the police mean I have to press charges? You have the right not to press charges if you call the Pitt Police. Q If I report a sexual assault, will my name become public? What happens to the information? A The University does not release the names of victims.

Richeyville PA sex dating

After reviewing the report, Pitt Police may determine there is a serious or on-going threat to the community and may issue a campus Crime Alert. These alerts will not include any identifying information about the victim. Q Do I have to get medical attention? A Although you are not required to seek medical care, it is highly recommended. Taking care of your physical and medical state is an important role in the healing process.

You may have internal or external injuries as a result of an assault that require medical care. Several options are available for you to report sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, relationship dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. You may file a criminal complaint by contacting proper law enforcement agency. Contact information is listed below:. In the aftermath of a sexual trauma, although it may not be foremost on your mind, the preservation of evidence is strongly encouraged. Even if you do not think you want to pursue a criminal or civil proceeding, preserving evidence keeps your options open in case you change your mind.

To preserve evidence, do not shower, douche, or change clothes or bedding before you seek medical attention. Also, if oral contact took place, do not brush your teeth, smoke, or eat. Optimally, evidence collection should occur within 72 hours of the assault, and there are medical facilities in Oakland that can assist you:. Hospital emergency rooms are best equipped to collect physical evidence of a sexual assault.

Your best source of immediate medical help is the nearest hospital emergency room. All hospitals are required by law to report to the police any injury that is the result of a crime. This does not obligate you to file formal charges. Completing a forensic exam does not require a victim to talk to police or prosecute the offender.

Students who have experienced sexual assault can get a forensic medical exam free of charge. In addition to evidence collected from a forensic medical exam, victims should take steps to preserve other forms of evidence, including, but not limited to:.

Seeking emotional support in the aftermath of a sexual assault can be very important for recovery. The office also can assist with referrals to specialized counseling services off campus. Additional counseling resources include the University Counseling Center or and Pittsburgh Action Against Rape Nordenberg Hall, University Place, NOTE: To ensure the health and safety of staff and students, all appointments must be scheduled ahead of time. During the pandemic, walk-in appointments are not available. Pitt students can contact their resident assistant, resident director, or other residence life staff member for support available 24 hours a day.

Residence Life staff are not confidential resources and have a duty to report disclosures of sexual misconduct to the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX. Any member of the University community also may contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at or titleixcoordinator pitt. International students may contact the Office of International Services OIS for questions or concerns regarding immigration and visa status.

No victim is ever to blame for being assaulted or abused.

Richeyville PA sex dating

Below are some warning s of potential abusive behavior:. More information about SafeRider here. Students who seek assistance from these organizations are not obligated to press charges against the assailant. University of Pittsburgh. Pitt Home Find People.

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Richeyville PA sex dating

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