Romantic thing to say to a girl

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Romantic thing to say to a girl

What happens when she asks you to name all these reasons? You better think fast.

Romantic thing to say to a girl

If you want a female's opinion listen. This is an amazing thing to say to your girlfriend. I would absolutely swoon if my boyfriend had the sense to say something this cute. I am 16 and I am crushing on a girl at the tuition center. She knows ma name and perhaps she's impressed with ma intelligence and humor. The tuition center will get closed in a couple of weeks.

I can't even talk to her. She means everything to me and I cannot live without her. After the center is closed, there is no chance for to meet her again :. She is simple but gorgeous. I tried to get in contact with her but failed every time, as I get damn nervous in front of her. I do meet her but only in ma dreams. Should I tell her one of these quotes? Anyone help Sounds less tacky than having a small set of roses. Not putting down the roses, though. That is the most sweetest thing, because the last rose will never die!

The ultimate show of love, and it also includes logic. That inclusion demonstrates motivation, and forethought; something most people regardless of gender never include in their cards or flowers. This is my favorite one, but I'm biased since I used it in the past and was pretty glad for coming up with a variation of this on my own.

I think the concept is nice, but theoretically this is flawed. For one, since the 12th rose is fake it never really lived to begin with. Since it didn't live, it is not technically the last rose, but a plastic depiction of a rose, which is really more like stating the following: I love you as long as the longest lived rose in 11 roses. If you give her 12 roses, there is at least some probability that one of the roses is more genetically robust and, therefore, will last longer, though this is not guaranteed.

I guess it's the thought that counts. I have a better one that tops anything on this whole list you say: I can't truthfully say to you that "I would do anything for you, " because by saying "anything I would be saying I wouldn't be doing enough. I sent this to my girlfriend when she woke up.

I broke it in four pieces She told me I was the first who told her such thing and I became the first boy she ever loved That is so amazing, I told my girlfriend that and she stats crying and said I am the best and she hugged me and said I will never let go if you don't let go and she said that she want to be with me forever and ever. So that really works thanks! I sent it to my girlfriend After a while she replied I never expect that she smiled at me staring at my face and she told me "you know how much I love you, she hug me so tight, I love you till my last breath ends Until we end in this world I will be your angel taking care of you all the time and be with you forever " my tears fell I'm so lucky to have my girlfriend.

She kiss me in my forehead, nose and my lips wondering to miss her everyday I texted this to my best friend that's a girl, and she then said that has made her day. So I then asked her to go out with me but she then told me that she has a boyfriend. So that broke my heart into pieces. I really wanted her because in my opinion she is hotter than Selena Gomez Plus she told me that she likes me better than her boyfriend though. This is awesome I told it to my girl friend and she started crying and told to never let her go.

You guys should tell this to your girl I really recommend it trust me it works. Wow it the best so far, it really makes her feel so special than before. You guys should try this. I added a little twist to this I met the girl I love online so I only ever saw pictures of her we met for the first time a while ago so I said. A picture says a thousand words but now that your here I can only think of 3 I love you. She melted and kissed me.

I told my girlfriend and she started crying. She told me that she loves me and that she would never let go of me. It really works in my opinion if it works for me it will work for you. She cried and kissed me and followed it with "it would be 13 now because of you". This is one of the best here, my girlfriend really love it. I have been chasing this girl for awhile now and she has been playing hard to get.

So what I did was sent her 11 roses and a pocket mirror to her work and wrote a card saying take these 11 roses and hold them up in the mirror. You are know looking at the 12 most beautiful things in the world. We are dating now after this. She loved it. She was the center of attention at work the rest of the day. I said this and then told my girl I loved her for the first time That was 5 years ago.

Romantic thing to say to a girl

Since then I have been to Iraq 4 times and I now have 2 little boys and a beautiful home beautiful wife and beautiful. But lost a buddy of mine in Iraq my last deployment We knew eachother since we were 3 years old. I'm 26 now I lost my left arm tryin to save him But I couldn't. I'm 11 and I said it my girlfriend she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, I'm not going to say that I love her because I don't know what love is, but I know I really like her and I will do anything for her!

I hope that she will be mine forever and ever! I'm getting her a puppy for Valentines day I have been saving up. I said this to my dream girl, and she absolutely loved it. She had never kissed me before and now I've got as many as I want! This was the most beautiful thing you could say to a girl.

Romantic thing to say to a girl

And no doubt, she will love it, as much as you love her! It was around mid night and me and my girlfriend were lying in her back yard. I went inside and got a rose and changed into my suit and got her parents. I went outside and held both of her hands looked into her eyes and said " Babe you know I love you but I don't think you know exactly how much, put it like this, if I had to choose between breathing or loving you I'd use my last breath saying I love you" I then proceeded to ask her to prom.

She said yes. I don't know how this is This should be It conveys a true sense of love rather than a cheesy pick up line. What really matters is that it comes from the heart rather than from a website.

Romantic thing to say to a girl

I sent this to my girlfriend Liv and she texted me saying to come to her house, when I did. We both looked at eachother in silence and she started crying and ran up to me and jumped into my arms, and then we started to make out and she said "I love you Collin, your my future husband, I don't ever want to lose you.

I'm not ready for it and never will be. After that we cuddled the whole night.

Romantic thing to say to a girl

This works man. My girlfriend loved this! She usually talks a lot, but when she has a lot of emotion she is quite. When her dog died she didn't say anything to anyone for a week. Well, we both play basketball and she called me a showoff jokingly because I dunked it. I told her to show off so we were even and she totally crossed me up. Again I told her that one more person here had to show off so everyone could be even. It couldn't have been more perfect, she said "Yeah, who? It was perfect. My heart is squeezing. Once when I was little a boy I liked told me God accidently left me in the oven to long and I hated my skin color for years.

I was only 9.

Romantic thing to say to a girl

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