Single sailors seeking soul mates

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed May 15, ed Jun 30, Well, this is a good start. Here are some other sites you may want to consider using. BTW, I don't know if the work for female partners, but they are great dating sites Hi Cupper, I like your quotes in your profile Thanks for your suggestions. I just want to put my intentions and my desires out to the universe, and then we'll see. ed Apr 4, I wish you all the best in your search.

Hi Judy! It is nice to hear from you About 2 weeks. Thanks for your encouragement and info.

Single sailors seeking soul mates

Look forward to chatting again soon. ed Jan 30, In truth David I don't think a series of websites for crew or other is going to help you find what you are looking for. It would be nice to think so, however. Nice and easy. You need Kismet on your side Just live your life and you will find what you seek.

Hi there, Yes, I am looking for something serious That cosmic connection. I do believe in just putting out our intention to the universe and we draw to us, and are drawn to what we are seeking. Just ed yesterday, and am allowing a little time to see if anyone who has similar interests, and we have some special connection, and likes the idea of going round this planet together, is listening on this forum.

ed Sep 6, Money can't buy love, but it will open doors. Don't forget that. It will definately open some doors ed Sep 26, You need to look up Cindy. Thanks so much. Fair winds David. Hi Squidd Love the Capt Ron quote Now who might this Cindy be? Sailor lady and enjoys life without all the stress, at least all the time enjoy David.

Squidd said:. Believe I'm going to leave this line of chat with you guys. No no, this is for real.

Single sailors seeking soul mates

Maybe I can get the two of you together and that would make up for all the nasty things I said about her ed May 21, You sound like my kind of guy - and the best part is You sail! Alas, I am in R. Contact if you ever get up this way.

And yes I am savvy! ed Nov 16, Gadagirl said:. ed Jul 15, Though the Internet is often used and abused, the universe uses all available methods to bring like minded people together. I am a single, very like minded lover of sailing. Unfortunately, though I used to live in Miami, life has taken me on my own road and i am already on an adventure. So I am currently in Cyprus for three months, doing 2 hours of yoga and meditation daily, learning to care for myself and my spirit for the first time in my life always having put others before me.

I have recently become a pescatarian as well. I leave here in mid-Sep to my friend in India to study yoga, Ayurveda and Thai yoga massage. I will be with her for a month but may stay on for longer, or leave to follow my dharma. Found navigating by the constellations and the entire experience to be the most spiritual experience of a ly unconscious life.

I long to sail the seas again, and would love nothing more than to live aboard and circumnavigate as you so eloquently described. Though an ocean apart, I wanted to let you know that there are like minded women out there, and even on this site. Though many have been burned from lost souls perpetrating lies, do not give up hope. Just be clear your intentions, and surrender them. But you already knew that, didn't you!

Single sailors seeking soul mates

Lol Best of luck in your search. Perhaps one day our paths will cross, if it is meant to be! the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. SailNet Community.

Single sailors seeking soul mates

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Single sailors seeking soul mates

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