Tucson couples massage

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Couples massage is a fantastic way to make your downtown Tucson date more exciting, novel and satisfying. Please call for groups of 3 or more: Our couples massage appointments do fill up quickly, especially on the weekends. We encourage booking in advance for the best availability. However, sometimes we can accommodate last minute bookings. Feel free to give us a call if you don't see what you're looking for through the online booking menu.

There are many benefits to planning ahead for your couples massage. Why not plan ahead to reward yourselves for working hard all week by booking in advance? This way, you can enjoy the anticipation of your special date night, all week long! Experience resort style luxury together in our sunshine mile day spa.

Our massage tables are equipped with optional warmers and all of our treatments include free hot towels and aromatherapy. If you're looking for an ideal experience rather than the bare minimum, Tucson Massage Company is the place for you.

Our d massage therapists are friendly, kind and passionate about providing a revitalizing experience. Whether you and your friend are wanting specific massage therapy or simply to relax, we are ready to provide a custom treatment to suit each of your individual needs.

Tucson couples massage

Enjoy a Tucson couples massage with your partner, friend or family member in the comfort of our spa located at E Broadway. Tucson Massage Company 4. The Thai massage was very much needed. I would recommend you to give it a try. I felt amazing - very calm and peaceful, refreshed. Later, I slept like a baby.

Highly recommend! Didn't do anything for my sciatica but rest of body felt great. Both were amazing. I want to come back next month and stay on a schedule. Monique helped me with my sciatic nerve and my horrible painful shoulders and neck. You won't be disappointed. I recommend her wholeheartedly. I followed her here from her company.

We had Mars and another girl who had blonde hair I'm so sorry I don't recall her name. But both did absolutely wonderful.

Tucson couples massage

From the moment you walked in they speak so quiet, calmly, and gentle and make sure that your entire experience is as relaxing as it should be. They both had wonderful communication during to ensure your comfortability and Mars always asked me if it was too much pressure or not enough to ensure that I was getting the best experience. When we find our selves back in Tucson or the surrounding area, we will definitely be going back here for another massage! Thank you so much ladies! The place has a very serene atmosphere, and Josie, my massage therapist, was fantastic!

Will definitely be going again. So relaxing. This was my first time getting a massage and I received a 30 minute massage on my shoulders and back. She was great pressure and loved the place. Nice and clean and friendly. She was professional, friendly, good communicator, knows anatomy well, and has a strong healing touch. I would return. The location is very pleasant, calming, and clean. Parking in the back. The entire experience: place, person, price were all really good!

And the setting is serene and supportive as well. I will definitely be back. I got a 90min full body massage. I feel like my body has been completely realigned and reset. This was life changing for me. I am so grateful for this experience. I had Jesus and she had Josie. We've done many couple massages and these two did an amazing job. We would highly recommend both Josie and Jesus. Great job!!! Carter focuses on my problem areas and has really helped alleviate pain associated with work-related stress to the body. Highly recommend.

Mars and Monique were true artists! They definitely know their craft and did a wonderful job. We highly recommend! They have nothing on Tucson Massage Co. Not only were they very gracious and accommodating but also very kind and professional. Their prices are great and I loved the sampler options you can choose from when selecting your massage. I saw Mars and she was fantastic! She really understood where my problem areas were and took great care of me. Highly recommend!!! Tracy did a fantastic job I got a deep tissue massage and she was super sweet!

Excellent therapists for both and a wonderfully relaxing treatment Courtney Sirrine Rankin 30 Jan 21 Wonderful experience! Reasonably priced, friendly staff, a variety of services. I would absolutely recommend. This was a wonderfully pleasant experience all around. The massage was awesome! Jesus was very professional and has a very calm energy. I greatly enjoyed this experience and highly recommend giving this business a shot.

This was also my first time trying the hot stones and that was a gift to my senses! The smooth warm stones made the already amazing massage even better!

Tucson couples massage

Hands down one of the best massages we have ever had, and we have had ALOT!!! This place is amazing! I would say a must do when in Tucson! He was professional and knowledgeable and really helped with some knots in my hamstring I got from overstretching. I will absolutely be going back. Jesus was my masseuse and he was excellent! I love 60 mins and was never a fan of 90 since it just seems slow, but 2 hrs with Carter flew by and everything felt a lot better. I enjoyed my massage very much. Jesus listened to what needs I had and took great care in addressing the trouble spots.

Very professional, polite, and gentle. I can't wait to come back. I was sooo relaxed afterwards and had a great night's sleep. Thank you. She has excellent techniques for addressing neck and shoulder issues: Jacob 05 Oct 20 My experience with Carter was very physically and emotionally healing for me. He was very attuned to my body and provided exactly what was needed. It was perfect for me and I really look forward to scheduling another appointment with him in the future. Carter, along with Tucson Massage Company, has my sincerest gratitude. We absolutely loved it! We both needed to relax and reset our minds.

This is exactly what we were able to do. We were in the same room together. We will definitely be back! It was perfect. Already booked again! Nathan McGillis 13 Sep 20 Had a couples message done and it was by far the best message I've ever had!! Very professional. Agnes Seidler 30 Aug 20 Clean establishment and welcoming staff. Safe environment. Ask for "Jack" if you truly want a fantastic massage experience. He said it was an amazing experience and hoping he'll get another gift certificate. The therapist's are knowledgeable and will have you feeling great after!!!

Good deep tissue massage, reasonable prices. I'll definitely be back in the not too distant future.

Tucson couples massage

I will definitely be back for my again! I'm pain free this morning for the first time in weeks. Can't wait for my next massage. Thank you Tucson Massage Company and Monique! See you again soon! I fell asleep hard to the point where I was twitching, I could've slept like a rock right there. Before starting she was thorough with her questions and mainly focused on my back and neck where my pain is most held. Not to mention her voice is so soft and soothing.

Tucson couples massage

He knows what he is doing. I have had hundreds of massages, he is by far the best masseuse I have ever worked with. If you have injuries, trauma to your body, aches and pains, THIS is your person. If you want your moneys worth AND feel phenomenal after then Shawn is again your guy.

Tucson couples massage

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