Weare New Hampshire ads for sex

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More thanpeople read the Hippo from all over southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. To inquire about placing an ad, contact the advertising department at Ext. Please note that our advertising staff may be out on the road, so please leave a message and someone will return the call as quickly as possible. Quality content. Hippo offers quality content that attracts active, smart readers interested in the arts, outdoor activities, events, culture, food, music and entertainment.

Advertisers benefit from being connected to such a well respected publication that covers areas of interest that readers care deeply about. We see content as key for successful advertising.

Weare New Hampshire ads for sex

Our content is produced by an award-winning staff with one thing in mind: What do active adults in southern New Hampshire want to know about? Our editorial team is judged by one metric: the size and quality of our readership. We maintain a very clear line between advertising and our coverage so readers know and feel they are getting great content created for their needs and their needs only.

This is great for advertisers who want a sophisticated audience and like the positive feeling readers bestow on advertisers in Hippo. Our readers not only like our paper, they love it. Growing readership and circulation. We attribute this growth and our continuing success to the quality of our content and easy access to our publication. We have more than 1, weekly drop locations throughout southern New Hampshire pick-up locations include supermarkets, housing complexes, large employers, pubs and retail locations.

This wide distribution makes it convenient to pick up a copy of the paper. In some of the more affluent towns such as Bedford ZipMerrimack Zip and Amherst ZipHippo reaches more than 60 percent of adult residents, according to MediaAudit. Huge readership. Hippo gets its readership s from two annual polls it conducts over the phone to more than 1, New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents.

Each copy is read three times according to CVC. Desirable demographics. Active, educated and affluent, Hippo readers get out more, spend more and care more about their local community than non-readers. Age: Hippo median reader — 43 Southern New Hampshire resident median — Keep great company and our growing list of advertisers. More than local businesses regularly advertise in the Hippo. Please to hippopress. Acceptable Formats:.

Weare New Hampshire ads for sex

We do not accept in Word, Maker or any other non-conforming programs. HippoPress only accepts PMTs or camera ready slicks electronically. Color advertisements should be CMYK. Advertising Standards HippoPress will not run for anything it deems inappropriate for its audience, including but not limited to for sexual services. The publisher reserves the right to reject any for any reason. You can find The Hippo at most grocery stores and in our street boxes. Below is a list of towns the Hippo is available in:. There are lots of ways to advertise!

Ask us about our newsletters, inserts, brochures and rack cards, mailers and marketing distribution, social media, website, age and other print services! for Ad Rates. Alyse Savage Ad Representative Roxanne Macaig Ad Representative Ext. Non-Profit Discounts Non-Profits may qualify for additional frequency discounts. Political organizations, universities, hospitals, and large non-profits do not qualify for this discount. Agency Discount Some agencies may qualify for gross rates.

Please call for more information. The discount only applies to qualified agencies that submit -ready ad work and conform to AAAA standards and practices. Publication Every Thursday. Almost all papers are picked up by Saturday morning. Audited By Circulation Verification Council. Become a member and log in! FREE to Read! Thanks to Member Support. Shop Hippo. Hippo Best Of Terms of Service.

Weare New Hampshire ads for sex

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Weare New Hampshire ads for sex

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Weare New Hampshire ads for sex

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