Will psychemedics call you

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If an employer requires a pre-employment drug test, you can assume that the company wants to hire drug-free candidates. If they require random testing of employees you can assume they are serious about eliminating the higher costs and risks to their business that typically come with drug use.

A Psychemedics drug test using hair analysis detects more drugs than any other test. It can detect X more drugs than a urine test and X more than other hair tests. With a drug test using urine, there is safety in s. The detection rate is low, and the drugs can only be detected for a few days after use. You might literally get lost in the crowd of people tested.

Not with Psychemedics. We detect drugs used months ago rather than a few days back, and our technology misses virtually nothing. The first thing to understand is that companies that test with hair are generally looking for lifestyle users.

Will psychemedics call you

Those are the habitual users who present the highest risks in the workplace. And companies that test using Psychemedics are committed to keeping those kinds of users out of their organizations and away from their workplaces. When you take drugs, they are metabolized by the organs in your body and then excreted, usually in urine and usually within just a few days. That is why a drug test using urine is ineffective at identifying people who are chronic or habitual drug users. By the time a test is administered—especially if a user prepares for it—most of the drugs have been processed by the body and eliminated as the body flushes itself out.

Urine is ineffective at detecting usage except in the very recent past. As drugs are processed by the body trace amounts pass from the blood into a hair follicle. Then as hair grows from the follicle those trace amounts are carried inside the hair shaft. Unlike urine, it remains part of the body. Since it is being carried by the hair as it grows, it establishes a chronological record of drug use.

It takes about 30 days for hair to grow one-half inch. A sample of hair just 1. And reveals two important things a habitual drug user would rather we not know. Our science enables us to take collected hair samples, analyze them and generate reports on drug usage back days. And that is why a Psychemedics hair test for drugs is so valuable to employers. The chances of evading a Psychemedics hair test are not good at all for a habitual or chronic drug user or abuser.

Employers and school administrators already know that this is their best tool to identify those people who pose the highest risk to their workplaces and campuses. We would rather NOT catch you. Drugs are killing more people than ever. Get ambushed by Fentanyl. We have created this infographic for you to use in publicizing your use of Psychemedics hair testing. Feel free to download it, display it and make it a tool in helping attract the drug-free applicant pool you are looking for.

These organizations offer valuable services and information related to drug abuse. Hazelden Foundation. Intervention Center. Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information. National Inhalant Prevention Coalition. Words Of Warning If you use. We will know.

Will psychemedics call you

We have detected more drug users for more companies than any hair testing lab in the world. If a company uses the Psychemedics hair test for drugs, they are serious about identifying all high risk applicants or employees. So why is hair testing their choice? A hair test is different. Which drugs were ingested in which amounts How often they were ingested over a period of time Our science enables us to take collected hair samples, analyze them and generate reports on drug usage back days. The Science. Drug Users Need Not Apply.

Abstinence Fails. Abstaining from drug use for several days is not going to cheat our test.

Will psychemedics call you

On average, we can detect usage several months back and detect drug usage 6 to 10 times more effectively than urinalysis and times better than other hair tests. We Detect Everything.

Will psychemedics call you

The company requesting the test may ask for other drugs to be identified, like Benzodiazepines, Adderall, Synthetic Cannabinoids and others. We test either head or body hair. A Positive Means Positive. Our process has been reviewed and validated by the FBI as eliminating the chance for a positive test outcome to be the result of you being exposed to a drug rather than ingesting it. A positive result on our test is proof enough to an employer that you used a drug.

This has been proven not only in independent studies, but upheld in 30 years of court cases. If you use, we will know it. Learn More.

Will psychemedics call you

Believe it or not we believe the best drug test result is a negative result. We know from experience that drugs of abuse jeopardize lives, ruin businesses and make campuses less safe than they should be. The more negative test we see, the more we know we are helping ensure futures, build those better businesses and safer campuses.

A negative drug test result is a winning result for you and for us. All the statistics point to one thing. Deaths by drug overdose are at staggering levels. In fact, was the worst year on record for drug deaths with over 70, in one year compared to 58, killed in a decade of war in Vietnam. What does that mean? We have a lot of education work to do in helping people understand the risks they are running. That is what we will continue to do on this website.

Will psychemedics call you

Fentanyl is a phantom killer. In the past year alone, the Centers for Disease Control find that synthetic opioids killed 32, people. And most of these deaths were related to fentanyl. Here is the catch. You will never see it coming. It is masquerading as Xanax, Percocet, Oxycodone and being added to cocaine and heroin.

Use any of these and you may get a lethal dose that will kill you in minutes. Calling All Employers! if you want it customized with your brand, logo or quotable quote or you want the full size, high-resolution version for printing. Contact Psychemedics Today. Important Links These organizations offer valuable services and information related to drug abuse. National Inhalant Prevention Coalition W. Sixth St. C Austin, TX What's new on the Drug Abuse Landscape?

Will psychemedics call you

We do not share your data with anyone, and only use it for intended purposes.

Will psychemedics call you

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