Zen spa sacramento

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For the price you cant beat this place. Ive had both foot massage and body massage. All have been good to excellent. Love that its close and has easy parking. Very reasonable prices for foot massages! I take my friends here all the time. It depends on who you get, but for the most part, they are pretty good. Worst experience ever! Zero stars! Called in to make appointment. Showed up for my appointment.

The guy that work the reception did not make the appointment. He apologized. Said he could fit me on in 40 minutes.? Waited 50 minutes in the room, laying there! No one showed up!!! Grabbed my belongings and and got my money back! They apologized but too late. Bo is the best one. He may be the owner too? Not sure. Either way the value is incredible. Some of the girls like to cut corners but even then This was my first time at a massage place. Absolutely loved it! My mom and I had the 30 min foot massage. The place was clean, open with nice quiet music.

They leave the private room doors open so there is no weird feeling. My first time there and Helen was so good my lower back was hurting and now my pain gone definitely will keep going back. I had slightly lower expectations since most Chinese massage places tend to just run through a set of things to massage. But the massager spent more time on my troubled shoulders to work out the knots. Color me impressed. This place is hit or miss. This duo today was terrible. Unfortunately we pre-bought sessions and have four left. Manners go a long way. They need to say thank you, trim their nails and massage, not pinch.

Its hard to explain all this if you cant speak their language.

Zen spa sacramento

Go to new happy day spa in natomas. Theyre much better all around. Very nice place, and nice people. The full body massage was amazing. This place also is very clean and nice, a very calming atmosphere. Ive been here several times and have never had a bad experience. Fantastic massage! Very relaxing. My back and shoulders were so sore, they are my new go to spot!

I highly recommend this place. I have had a problem with my shoulder for years, and this is the only place that has been able to relieve the pain. The facility itself is very relaxing, beautiful and very clean. I like that I can book last minute appointments. Went in today Mothers Day and waited for 15 minutes even though I had an appointment, the rooms hadnt been cleaned from the night before. My massage woman had the nastiest attitude and was not very nice, I got a scratch behind my ear from her long nail, had my legs dropped, and talked for half of my massage to the other massage person in their language.

Dirty and unprofessionalI will NOT be going back. Would not recommendgo any where but here if you truly want to relax. Holy cow, what a find. What a deal!!! The decor is very zen, I love the fact that its new. Ambience is very good and quiet, and I thought the place was very clean. Most of the masseuse there were Chinese, so if you have any specific requests youre going to have to simplify it.

I have been coming here for the past two months, and I really enjoy every time I come here. The staff there are very grateful when you tip them, I guess that makes sense since the hourly rate is so low. Had a very good foot massage. You cant beat the price for the one hour foot massage, you also get a almost complete body massage too. Will return in the future. Just ok.

Great prices. Not the best. I had an individual full body massage. Several times I had her hair in my face and the towel actually burned my back. Would not be inclined to return. My full body massage amazing! Jack is my favorite, his intuition is fantastic. The foot massage room is pretty noisy. They talk amongst eachother when there massaging you, wish doesnt allow you to relax there really rough and laugh when you tell them to be softer.

Felt like my massage was rushed and they just wanted to be done, also they demand a tip in a very rude way. The lady rebroke a hairline fracture I had in my pelvic bone from 3 years ago.

Zen spa sacramento

She put so much pressure on my hip bone that she broke it. My mother and I went back to the place about 6 hours after my massage with the note from the doctor in emergency stating that I had a break on my pelvis and they said they could not give me a refund because the note could have been faked.

Zen spa sacramento

I was speechless at that point. Your health and well being is at risk if you go there to get any type of body massage.

Zen spa sacramento

If I could give no stars I would do that. First I would like to say that I am in no way going to bash the place and say dont go here. I just want to share what happened to me. I went to just get a simple 30 minute massage. The person behind the counter had me pay and then took me right into the room. When the massus came in I told her that I had an injury that was still healing on my right pelvis and to avoid going to far down my back, and that I was very sensitive so if she could please go easy on me.

She said okay in a very thick accent and that was that. It started out fine, not to hard but slightly to much pressure on certain parts of my back mostly right on my spine. Then as she continued the pressure gradually got harder, so I would stop her and ask her to not do it so hard. She then started to go down my back and then the final straw was that she claimed on the table and put all of her weight onto my hips.

I literally broke out in tears and was screaming at the lady to get off me. It took her about a minute to realize what I was saying and got off, then proceeded to tell me that she doesnt speak Englishe, all she said was sorry and continued to try to finish. I was done at that point about 15 minutes into the massage. I told her to keep her hands off me and told her that I was done.

I put my shirt back on and left, and the man behind the counter tried to ask me to give her a tip. I told him with tears still streaming down my face that he is lucky I am not asking for my money back and heres a tip for you hire people who speak English and can understand the word stop. I will never ever go here again. Paid for the 2 hour full body and foot massage this evening. Did not revieve the 2hrs, also, a complete massage was not given during the full body. Very disappointed. I have gone here many times, but wont be back.

My 13 year old daughter and I visited recently and were very disappointed by the terrible customer service. The gentleman at the front desk was great but the two people who performed our massages were terribly rude. Right from the beginning there was no greeting or eye contact. At the end of the session my daughter went in her pocket to retrieve the cash she had brought to leave a tip and discovered it was gone.

While we looked around to see if it had dropped they were pointing to the billfold they leave for you and then flipped it open asking about a tip. She proceeded to follow us and wait there until the transaction occurred. All organizations All cities. Zen Day Spa. Visit the website. They do a great job at a good price.

I have been pleased with the service here. Best massages for the price. Will definitely come back. Cant believe how good the services are for the price. No frufru massages.

Zen spa sacramento Zen spa sacramento

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